X Games Sydney 2018

Potty2617 09:58 27/Oct/17

In 2018, X Games is coming to Sydney, Australia for the first-ever X Games event on Australian soil, featuring Skateboard, BMX and Moto X competitions at Sydney Olympic Park on Oct. 19-21, 2018.

Who: ESPN, the leading action sports content provider and creator of the X Games, in collaboration with Seven West Media, Australia's number one audience company, will bring X Games Sydney to Australia next year.

When: October 19-21, 2018

Where: X Games Sydney will feature Skateboard, BMX and Moto X competitions at Sydney Olympic Park.

What: For the first time in the event's more than 20 year history, an X Games event will take place in Australia, home to some of the world's best action sports athletes. Australian athletes hold 138 medals, 45 of which are gold from X Games summer and winter events.

In addition to world-class action sports competition, X Games Sydney will feature musical performances, art installations and a festival experience. The first Australian X Games will have a distinctly Australian flavor, showcasing the beautiful city and culture of Sydney in everything from the course designs to the medals, and highlighting the avid youth culture in Sydney throughout the festival village and live coverage.

X Games Sydney 2018 sports and disciplines are as follows

Big Air
Street (Men's & Women's)
Vert (Demo Only)

Big Air
Vert (Demo Only)

Best Trick
Best Whip
Step Up

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 09:14 29/Oct/17

I had to do a double take for the "first X Games on Australian soil" and then looked up some old pics, like this one I took of the X Games from Gold Coast / Southport parklands in 1998.

I also have somewhere a Bob Burnquist special X Games signature thingy when we saw him in a nearby cafe and others stalked him for his autograph and to have a chat. He was super chilled and a rad dude too.

RE: X Games Sydney 2018

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 09:15 29/Oct/17

I don't know where else in Australia if at all they had them back then.

Maybe they should correct it to first one in Sydney or NSW...

vijay 23:21 29/Oct/17

Ha. I thought there was one in Aus before..

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 21:39 30/Oct/17

To be fair though, this is a totally different beast to the old one - looking at the video of all the new and totally radical (you gotta say it like Bill and Ted) things in the new show, vs the old ramps set up in a bitumen base / carpark type of deal back then, they have come a long way.

Shaneos 07:21 01/Nov/17

That event wasn't X games . It was planet X summer games . Different events. ESPN runs x games, that event was run by an Australian production . They had Planet X events In Gold Coast, Brisbane ,Sydney & Melbourne years back.

Vert 4 Trev!
Vert 4 Trev! 12:54 02/Nov/17

Hey Mark,

Xgames was never here. It was a bunch of rip off bastards that just took us for a ride used a lot of sponsors money and burnt them on the idea of Skateboarding when they took their money for years and never delivered. We were sold something pretty shitty and they treated all the skaters like shit. I competed in everyone of them and made some good money out of it but it was a total sham. I think ESPN actually took them to court over the illegal use of the name. Shaneos it was the Bray brothers right? They were triathletes that jumped in on skateboarding.

Anyway this event should be amazing. Knowing the guys behind it, its an awesome thing for the skaters of Australia to get some global exposure.

Renton will know way more about what is happening.

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 20:28 02/Nov/17

Glad someone knows more than me (yes I am being serious) and as per previous post and looking at the video, it should be great.

Sucks to know that again some people jump on someone else's ride, re the mock X Games (Playstation X Games they were called - got more info and flier, etc)

tom vb
tom vb 04:28 09/Nov/17

no vert what a joke.....

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