2020 EOI

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The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), Skate Australia (SA) and the Australian Skateboard Federation (ASF) have recently come together to form the Skateboard 2020 Commission (S2020C) to provide a consolidated high performance plan for Australian skaters ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games.


  • Kevin Thompson- Chair Person (CEO NSWIS)
  • Chris O'Brien- AIS delegate 
  • Luke Pellegrini- AOC delegate
  • Karen Doyle- SA delegate
  • Renton Millar- ASF delegate
The S2020C have recognised the immediate need to recruit a range of skateboard industry professionals to form a technical committee for the provision of skateboard specific feedback and guidance.
Information on the formation of the technical committee can be found in the attached Expression of Interest (EOI) document.

2020 EOI

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RE: 2020 EOI

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