Raw VX Dorfus

Potty2617 11:32 27/Dec/17

Some raw VX Dorfus footage I found on a desktop in the garage.

Vagabond 21:46 27/Dec/17

The Schooner the Better - Part 4 - Dorfus
by Evil Dan

Vagabond 22:59 27/Dec/17

Banned in manangatang - part 3
by Evil Dan

Vagabond 00:12 28/Dec/17

Dorfus by Justin Hindery

Vagabond 00:17 28/Dec/17

Vagabond 00:19 28/Dec/17

Dorfus by M and M skateboards - Burnside

Vagabond 00:24 28/Dec/17

HOON - Bogan. Dorfus at about 6 mins in

krim 09:06 03/Jan/18

Rad clips. RIP Dorfus. x

tom vb
tom vb 06:43 10/Jan/18

nice to see al the footy......... RIP Brick Tits you will never be forgoten

Potty2617 21:59 25/Jan/18

Tim ‘DORFUS’ McDougall passed away suddenly and tragically on Saturday, 23rd December 2017, in his home town of Adelaide. Tim was just 39 years old.

Tim leaves behind his beloved twin children, Emma and Murray, in the sole care of their mother Evette, who left her home in the USA to make a life in Adelaide with Tim and their kids.

In a tragic twist of fate, Tim’s mother and the twins’ grandmother, Lorraine, lost her battle with cancer on Friday 19th January, less than one month after Tim’s passing.

The aim of this memorial fund is to ease the financial burden that comes with losing a father so suddenly, before his time. Raising two young children on a single income with a limited support network is always going to be a struggle.

All the proceeds of this fund will go directly to Evette to help her to take care of the twins and perhaps establish a small nest egg for them for their future. They are only 9 years old and have so much life ahead of them.

Tim was always giving to others, whether it was sharing his unmistakable laugh, a cold Coopers, a snag off the barby, building skateparks or giving a skateboard to someone who needed it.

Let’s honour Tim’s memory, and let Emma and Murray know how many people he touched around the world.

Any donation, no matter how small is greatly appreciated.



RE: Raw VX Dorfus

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