HEKU 580d

Potty2617 09:52 15/Jan/18

With the Paschman at the helm, Vogel to his right, the spitter, slaw and palmer in the back, the HEKU was packed and ready for its first full length adventure. It made its way down to the west coast of the Balkans and met palmer and slaw in Athens, Greece. From there they zigged and zagged across Greece from ancient ruin to insane terrain and into Macedonia. Then pushed up into Belgrade, Serbia, where the paschman got a taste of the Kupus' Serbian hospitality and was not dissapointed. After driving straight through Hungary, we made it to Vienna, Austria. Just in time for Fabios dj set and birthday, then we ventured north in search of wake boarding freestyle rapper the Naddler and some authentic farm DIY lifestyle. While in Vienna we met with the assmouth, the doc, the laurie, the shrgi, the valentine, the Patrick, the turtle, the jan, the ryan, and lots more.
thanks to kaiserlieberkaiser, shnitty, shwechater, the doc, pasch, heku etc etc
Thanks to HIM and Crazytown.

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