Brisbane Bangin

Potty2617 07:24 04/Oct/18

BRISBANGIN 2 - Play it Loud! A Party G Production Brisbane VX1 Montage Video 2018. A Hyper, raw, rough, fun, amateur Australian skate video from the streets of Brisbane. Get hyped! Play it loud! Cause its here to charge up the vibes. and remind us all that Skateboarding is the Party !! Where G's , Legends , talents & rad Characters show up and throw down. turning the City Into our playground. Featuring 40+ Skaters Andrew "Beacho" Beauchamp , Jett Stanton , Brandon Keir , Joel Wilshere , Matthew Boggis , Mike Lawry , Joey Cormack, Nixen Osborne, Nick Law, Dennis Durrant , Tommy Fynn , Sam Larkins, Trent Riley, Louis Riley, Mitch Owens. And Many Many More. Vibe Up and Enjoy Video By Patty G - Pat Gemzik @patgemzik

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