Alltime Favourite Covers

Cameron M
Cameron M 12:48 24/Feb/15

I'm sure this must have been asked before, but what's your favourite skate(or other?!)mag cover of all time?

If people can be bothered sourcing 'em this thread has a lil' potential to be some enjoyable visuals.

Chami's a wizard, the story behind this one puts it up there for me.

Alltime Favourite Covers

drew 13:44 24/Feb/15

Pretty much ever skateboarder cover.

Alltime Favourite Covers

AUSTIN 3:16 18:37 24/Feb/15

RE: Alltime Favourite Covers

Nate Dawg
Nate Dawg 23:50 24/Feb/15

I love Chami and the photo is still nice but I feel like after going to all that effort, there could've been a bit more 'underwater' in that shot to really make it stand out from your typical low-angle fisheye shot. There's some snowboarder photo that was a similar idea but they built a pond and put a bunch of fish in it which is pretty full on.

Might post up a few covers next time I'm on a PC.

Rob Crawford
Rob Crawford 05:12 25/Feb/15

This cover stands out the most as it was the first ever copy of a skateboarding magazine that I owned. Flip Sorry hadn't come out yet and I didn't know who Tom Penny was at the time, but the height of the catch always got me stoked. I didn't realise until later how rare it was for a sequence to make it to the cover.

RE: Alltime Favourite Covers

bill fraser
bill fraser 22:55 27/Feb/15

RE: Alltime Favourite Covers

mr larson
mr larson 10:52 28/Feb/15

amen to that thrasher cover

-DIX 11:41 28/Feb/15

thanks billy

bill fraser
bill fraser 16:01 28/Feb/15

if anyone knows where to find that image without the logos (thrashers ok just couldn't live with the names dyet and lutzka up on my wall) hit me up please

Estelle 16:42 28/Feb/15


RE: Alltime Favourite Covers

Estelle 16:42 28/Feb/15

Double Shane.. Yup!
Thank El Toro nosegrind forever in my mind.

im jake 22:03 28/Feb/15

This cover is my all time favourite

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Cameron M
Cameron M 01:25 03/Mar/15

not necessarily my favourite, pretty iconic tho

RE: Alltime Favourite Covers

Mr Simon Ketchy
Mr Simon Ketchy 09:12 03/Mar/15

Bill, this version is pretty rad.

RE: Alltime Favourite Covers

Moey 16:16 16/Mar/15

Nate dawg - pretty sure Chami couldn't get any deeper because the water was messing with the pocketwizards the lower he went

Reynolds thrasher covs is so awesome

RE: Alltime Favourite Covers

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