weird bars when capturing/ problem capturing

Jayden Reedy films
Jayden Reedy films 02:19 13/Nov/16

when i capture dv clips onto my computer from a capture cam i get these weird bars or lines when there is a lot going on in the screen, ive tried capturing on all PAL formats. see image

weird bars when capturing/ problem capturing

Fetus 03:36 14/Nov/16

Hey mate the footage out of your camera is recorded like this on purpose - it's called interlacing. When you see video format specs, you will often see things like 1080p or 25i. 'p' stands for progressive, where each frame of the image is shown as a whole - one after the other (just as you would think is normal). Now you may think this is wierd but interlaced footage splits the image line by line horizontally and flashes only the odd numbered lines, or even numbered lines at a time. This happens so fast when you see it on TV that it looks like a perfectly smooth image and you never notice the difference but that's how older TVs were made to work back in the day.

It's technically there's nothing wrong with your footage - but it can become a problem if you don't know how to deal with it when editing on a computer.
Most TVs recognise the interlaced format and automatically present a normal looking picture. When you capture onto a computer you have to tell the computer how to deal with the lines or it looks fucked.

Now I'm just going from memory here but if you set up your timeline to have PAL 25i DV settings, the lines should disappear and you can edit like normal. If you set up as 25p (progressive) the computer won't use the lines in the correct order and will show up with the comb pattern.

But it's not over yet - once you export your final video your footage will still be interlaced - in your export settings you will need to use de-interlaced settings so the footage looks normal and free of lines. This is where you switch to 25p.

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